Join the MCA

Memberships for the 2020 Race Season will be available soon!

Clubs must affiliate with the MCA before individual memberships can be purchased.

Membership in the Association is open to any person, group, or organization interested in subscribing to the goals of the Association.

There are two classes of membership in the Association:

a) Club

b) Individual.

A) 2020 CLUB MEMBERSHIPS: CLICK HERE (shop will open soon)
Club presidents and/or Finance contacts are required to affiliate with the MCA annually. Club affiliations are valid for one calendar year and are due no later than Jan 31st. Clubs must confirm their affiliation with the MCA before individual memberships can be processed.

B)2020 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS: CLICK HERE (shop will open soon)
All Individuals looking to race, ride with a club, officiate, coach, or organize a race require either a General membership or Race license. If you are a certified technical delegate (organizer, coach, official) you must also register for a technical license.

NEW TO RACING? Click (COMING SOON) for a checklist to help you prepare



CLUB AFFILIATION– allows your club to organize races, club rides, and club activities.  Affiliated clubs are eligible to apply for MCA directed funding. For more information visit the Club tab (Here).  Club Affiliation description (Here).

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – There are 3 main license types: “General” non-racing membership (recreational),  “UCI” & “Citizen” license types (racing), and “Technical” licenses (specialized).

LICENSE & MEMBERSHIP – FAQ – Important information here, please read.

LICENSE PHOTO REQUIREMENTS – All UCI race license types require a photo (Adult and minors).Please review photo requirements: (Here)


Waiver Changes (2018): License/Event Waivers may now be signed online, including Parent/guardian consent waivers. A paper signed waiver will be required if you are not a member of the MCA and join a one-time club try-out or participate in an event where the club has purchased commercial event insurance for non-member participation. All Members who have purchased their licenses online and have signed an online waiver will no longer be required to sign a separate paper waiver at each event. Only non-members are required to sign a paper waiver. For further information please contact the MCA at 204-925-5686.