Setting up a Club Ride

Club rides must be documented and on record with your Provincial Association (MCA). A list of participants must be on file with the club. This can be done via sign on sheet. In the event of an incident, the insurers need to access this information.

The MCA is required to have on file a list of ALL club activities.  If the MCA does not know about the activity, it’s not considered sanctioned/covered by insurance.

This coverage is in effect subject to it being reported prior to the activity taking place and it meets the published guidelines for permitted activities. With affiliation, you are required to submit a schedule of your weekly activities and any other special activities that you are aware of. Any updates to this schedule must be sent via email to the MCA Executive Director for insurance coverage no less than 24 business hours in advance. Use the Club Activity form and email club activities to in advance.  You must receive approval of the activity before it is considered “sanctioned”.

Advance reporting of an activity indicates that some planning took place and that it is taking place under club rules, and the club executive is aware of the activity.

Club Participation

All riders participating in a club activity must be a member of the club hosting the activity, except:

  • One-time try-outs (Contact the MCA for further information)
  • Certain events open to the public may be eligible for sanctioning and insurance under a commercial event certificate.

Activities that are open to the public must be sanctioned by the MCA and covered by a separate insurance fee (commercial event insurance). Please contact the MCA office 204-925-5686 for information on commercial event insurance.

The fact that one is a member of a club does not give them an automatic right to participate in another club’s activities without first joining that club.

Any club found allowing non licensed members participate (excluding one-time tryouts) will find their insurance coverage void and affiliation status revoked.


Club Page

Find out how to set-up a CCN online store for your club.
Clubs have the ability to customize their page. Set-up is free of charge.


What does the MCA vs. Club vs. Members do?

The MCA is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that has been promoting cycling in Manitoba since 1980. Working with a rapidly growing membership, the MCA’s purpose is to develop Excellence, Participation and interest in cycling throughout Manitoba.


  • Provides structure for organized cycling in Manitoba
  • Facilitates and communicates activities
  • Developes coaches and race officials
  • Promotes cycling safety
  • Funds development of volunteers – see Development Fund
  • Provides standards and insurance for races
  • Information and feedback travel from the MCA Board to the discipline committees to clubs and members (and visa versa). See Governance Model.


  • Select and mentor volunteers
  • Organize races and club rides
  • Select a club rep for committees


  • Ride and race to your hearts content!
  • Engage and contribute to your clubs activities (coach, race organizer, club ride organizer, race commissaire or marshall)