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Welcome to the 2024 Manitoba Cycling Association License purchase process powered by CCN Bikes.

Membership in the Association is open to any person, group, or organization interested in subscribing to the goals of the Association.

Individual Membership Options

There are several individual membership types. If you are not sure which one is best for you, contact us at


General Non-Racing membership

This membership type is recommended if you ride with a club recreationally and do not plan to compete in sanctioned races.  If you choose this membership type and wish to participate in a race, you can easily upgrade your membership to a Manitoba Race License or a UCI Race License.


Winter Only General Membership

The “Winter Only” General Membership will allow to you participate in sanctioned club activities from November to December and January to March. If you wish to continue your membership with the MCA after March 31st, you can easily upgrade to a yearly General Non-Race Membership or Race License.


Manitoba Race License

This type of membership will allow you to race in Manitoba only MCA sanctioned races under your designated race category.


UCI Race License (Adult 17+ & Youth U17)

This license type will allow you to race in sanctioned races world-wide under your designated race category.


Technical License

This license type is required for cycling officials, certified coaches, and race organizers.  A technical license is free but requires you to purchase either a General Non-Race Membership or Race License.

Club Membership (Affiliation)

Allows your club to organize races, club rides, and club activities. 

This membership is for a club or an official to affiliate their club with the MCA. Affiliated clubs are eligible to apply for MCA directed funding.

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Membership Benefits

  • Insurance coverage (CGL & AD&D) for MCA sanctioned events and affiliated club’s activities in Canada.
  • Access to Clinics, Seminars, Coaching and Officiating sessions.
  • Awards: MB Cup Races, Provincial Championships, and Annual Awards Event.
  • Eligibility for provincial team selection representing Provincial, National and International events (up to age 23).
  • Access to resource materials, print services, meeting room space, discounts, & rentals.
  • Receive MCA publications.
  • Voting privileges at MCA’s Annual General Meeting.
  • A voice in the growth of the sport of cycling in Manitoba and Canada.

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Manitoba Cycling Association 2024 Waiver

License/Event Waivers may be signed online as part of your online registration, including Parent/guardian consent waivers. A paper signed waiver will be required if you are not a member of the MCA and/or join a one-time club try-out or participate at an event where a day permit is approved and the organizing club has MCA commercial event insurance in place for non-member participation. 

MCA Members who have purchased their licenses online and have signed an online waiver are not required to sign a separate paper waiver at each event unless the club organizer chooses to include an event specific waiver as part of their registration process.

All memberships are valid from the day you purchase your license until  December 31st . Winter Memberships are the exception and will be valid from January 1 to March 31, and November 1 to December 31. 

Once your membership is purchased, you will receive a confirmation via email from CCN Bikes with a link to download your digital license. If you do not receive a confirmation with a link to download your license within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact us.

The MCA no longer issues printed cards; however, a printed card can be requested for an additional fee. Please contact the hard card requests.

If you have a non-racing “General” membership type and wish to upgrade to a race license, you can easily do this by logging back into your CCNBikes account and selecting your preferred membership type.  You will only be charged the difference in the cost from your original purchase and a new digital membership will be sent to you. Race category upgrades require the approval of the MCA. 

Only UCI race licenses and Technical Licenses require a photo (Adult and youth). Please review photo requirements: (Here).  If you are purchasing a General Membership, Manitoba Race License or Kids of Mud membership (race or non-race), you have the option to upload a photo, but a photo is not required.

All persons involved in the competitive aspects of cycling, must take out a license validating their status as a member and confirming their designation. In Manitoba the most common technical licenses are for Officials, Coaches, and Event Organizers. Coaches must have completed training and/or certification as a NCCP cycling coach.  Commissaires must have completed training and passed evaluation at the appropriate level. Caravan Drivers must have successfully complete Cycling Canada’s online Caravan Driving Training. The technical license can be added on to your General Membership or race license purchase free of charge.

All members must reside in Manitoba for 6+ months of the calendar year in order to be eligible to purchase a licence. All members must be covered under a federal or provincial hospital or medical plan.

Single event day permits are available for selected events only and will be available during the registration process for the event approved . The purpose of the permit is to allow non-members to try racing without the investment of an annual race license. A non-member may purchase up to 3 days permits a year, after which time they will need a Manitoba or UCI race license.  Monies paid towards the event permits will be used to offset the upgrade to a race license.  The permit is not a license or a membership, therefore does not provide insurance coverage to the participant. 

  • Available for selected/MCA sanctioned events only
  • Event organizers must have specific event coverage in place through the MCA
  • Available for all ages and ability levels
  • Available for all ability categories
  • Eligible for Cup points
  • Eligible for Provincial Championships
  • A maximum of 3 day permits can be purchased per person, per year
  • May upgrade to a Manitoba License or UCI license at anytime
  • Does NOT provide sport accident or liability insurance for the participant in the event of an accident.
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Please contact the MCA for questions related to license options, to request a hard card license, race category upgrades etc.:  Email:

Contact Phil Deguise at CCN (cycle component network) for questions relating to the online registration process and setting up a free Club page for collecting club memberships. Email: or 1-866-534-2453.