About Us


 About the MCA

The Manitoba Cycling Association Inc. (MCA) is the not-for-profit provincial governing body for cycling.

The MCA is affiliated with cycling’s National body,  Cycling Canada Cyclisme,  which operates under the authority of the world governing body for cycling, the  Union Cycliste Internationale.

Under the umbrella of Sport Manitoba the MCA’s mandate is to develop athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers.

  • Our Mission: “To promote the growth of cycling in Manitoba”.  
  • Our Vision: “To enrich the lives of Manitobans though cycling”.
  • Our ValuesCommunity – Excellence – Integrity – Sportsmanship – Sport for Life Read more here…
  • Strategic Priorities: (Revised document in progress)
  • Values Brochure (Revised document in progress)

The MCA represents the cycling disciplines of Road, Mountain Biking,  and Cyclo-cross.

Development programs under the MCA umbrella include the Kids of Mud Program, BMX, and the Provincial Cycling Program.

Working in collaboration with MCA affiliated clubs and members we strive to:

  • Provide structure and guidance for organized cycling in Manitoba
  • Facilitate and communicate activities
  • Develop coaches, athletes, officials & volunteers
  • Promote cycling safety
  • Provide standards & insurance for races
  • Fund development (Development Fund/Bingo Fundraisers)

Our main responsibilities include:

  • licensing of riders, race organizers, coaches, and officials
  • development of learning instructors for cycling clinics & courses
  • training and certification of race officials
  • training and certification of cycling coaches
  • development of new and existing cycling clubs
  • sport development and performance programs including the Kids of Mud program, Provincial cycling team (Team Manitoba), Powersmart Manitoba Games, and Canada Summer Games.
  • development and coordination of an annual sanctioned race calendar
  • sanctioning of provincial level competitions
  • insuring cycling races and club activities

Our Clubs:

  • Select and mentor volunteers
  • Organize races and club rides
  • Select a club rep to participate in any/all discipline committees of interest. The Club rep’s role is to to represent their club members and ensure communication flows up to the committee level and back down to the club members (and vice versa).

Our Members:

  • Ride and race to your hearts content!
  • Engage and contribute to their clubs activities (coach, race organizer, club ride organizer, race commissaire or marshall)


  • Information and feedback travel from the MCA Board to the discipline committees, clubs and members (and visa versa).
  • MCA Organization chart (Click Here)

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