Development Program

The MCA Development Program is aimed at introducing young athletes to competition and structured training in several cycling disciplines. This program builds upon the fundamental skills of general sport movement and basic cycling learnt in our grassroots program (Kids of Mud) and from other sports. Athletes are introduced to the different aspects of training (physical, motor, technical, mental, nutrition, etc), and how to compete in multiple cycling disciplines.

This program is the “Train to Train” and “Learn to Compete” stages of the LTAD model. This program works towards facilitating athletic growth and development in multiple cycling disciplines, preparing athletes for competition in age-appropriate Manitoba races. This program is the link from our Kids of Mud fundamental program to the Performance Program.

For more information about the MCA Development program, please contact:

Nick Bergen– Provincial Head Cycling Coach


Cell: 204.559-0291

Age Eligibility

This program is open to athletes 13-18 years of age (as of December 31) who are interested in competitive cycling. Athletes will compete in all road, mountain bike and cyclocross events during the season, and are required to have at minimum a cyclocross bike and mountain bike. Athletes outside of Winnipeg are encouraged to join the program, as arrangements will be made so that training can be done on their own.

Program Cost

Full Season (Mid-November to October 31): $1350

Summer Season (April 1 to October 31): $800

Fall Season (September 1 to October 31): $250

Summer Training Schedule (mid-April* until end of October) *weather dependent

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Outdoor riding or racing, 6-8pm

Wednesday: Outdoor riding or racing, 6-8pm

Thursday: Outdoor riding or racing, 6-8pm

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Outdoor Riding or racing (times vary with weather and racing schedule)

Sunday: Outdoor Riding or racing (times vary with weather and racing schedule)

Winter Training Schedule (mid-Nov until mid-April) *weather dependent

Monday: Cross training, 6-8pm

Tuesday: Indoor Ride, 6-8pm

Wednesday: Strength training, 5:45-7:45pm

Thursday: Indoor Ride, 6-8pm

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Strength training 11:30am-1:00pm; Ride1:30-3:30pm

Sunday: on own cross training