High Performance Program

The MCA High Performance Program is designed to assist Manitoba’s best riders by helping to provide them the support & resources needed to compete at the highest levels. Athletes of this program are members of the provincial team, but must be members of the national team, national trade team or higher. The objective of this program is to provide these athletes with the opportunities & resources they need to take them to the next higher level of competition. This program is the “Learn to Win” and “Train to Win” stages of the cycling LTAD model.

This program is tailored to each athlete’s individual needs and works with their personal coaches to assist with maximizing their training potential. Athletes will have access to a winter training facility, Sport Science resources, and individualized training programs.

Mary Prendergast – Provincial Head Cycling Coach

Email:  mca.assistant.coach@gmail.com
Phone: 204.925-5688
Cell: 204.998-7248

Program Prerequisites:

  1. Athletes must have been members of a Provincial Cycling Team
  2. Athletes must be members of a Cycling Canada recognized National Trade team (or higher) or National team

Program Cost

Individual Training Plans Provided: $1500

No Individual Training Plans Provided (Have own Personal Coach): $900


  1. Individualized Training Plans & Testing
  2. Winter Training Facility
  3. Regular training sessions with other Provincial team athletes
  4. Provincial support to expedient Sport Medicine & Physiotherapy access
  5. Individual Strength and Conditioning plans
  6. Provincial endorsement to National Team projects


  1. Must be coached by a NCCP certified coach
  2. Athletes must submit their yearly training plan to provincial program coach, as well as provide monthly update on their training
  3. Wear their current team kit or Team Manitoba Clothing at all Provincial Program events
  4. Attend minimum of 3 of the 4 road & MTB provincial championships (MTB, Road, Crit, ITT), unless otherwise excused
  5. Participate in at least 2 out-of-Province projects
  6. Athlete must have a cycling computer & heart rate that is capable of using a power meter and is compatible with Training Peaks
  7. Athletes must have their own rollers for indoor winter training
  8. Must be a member of the Manitoba Cycling Association in good standing, with UCI racing license