All affiliated clubs must participate in the CC/MCA insurance program. This program is paid for by each individual through a portion of the MCA Affiliate Club Membership as well as individual membership. You must meet the following conditions for the insurance policy to defend you in case of a loss:

  1. The club has a current (updated annually) Risk Management Plan
  2. Every member must produce proof of a valid race license or general membership.
  3. All club activities comply with published guidelines and are registered with the MCA in advance.
  4. All clubs must register annually with the MCA and pay the appropriate Affiliate Club Membership fee.

Individual Athletes

Sport Accident Claim Instructions

  • Alert the Manitoba Cycling office by phone and email:  204-925-5686 /
  • Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited., must receive notification of your accident within 30 days of it occurring and receive your claim form within 90 days of the accident.
  • Complete attached Sport Accident Claim Form and Physician Statement. If your claim is for dental injury have your dentist complete and submit a Predetermination Form.
  • Forward original forms by mail to Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited. at 435 McNeilly Road, Suite 103, Stoney Creek Ontario L8E 5E3, along with a copy of expense receipts. Also, a copy should be sent to the Manitoba Cycling Association.
  • If you intend to make a claim but have not had out of pocket expenses to date, complete and submit claim form indicating that receipts are to follow.
  • If you have questions regarding submission of forms please contact Melissa LaRocca via email at

Optional "Sport Accident" Coverage when Commuting and Training on your own.

Aa a member of Manitoba Cycling, Gallagher Insurance offers additional cycling coverages specifically designed to fill the gaps for cycling insurance outside ot the core insurance program for our members. 

Tier 1: Individual Training

Coverage for individual athlete while training

$23.00 per participant, per year

(You must be a member of the MCA to qualify for the optional insurance coverages)

Tier 2: Commuting

Coverage for individual athlete while anytime on the bike

$105.00 per participant, per year

(You must be a member of the MCA to qualify for the optional insurance coverages)

National Insurance Program Overview

Cycling Manitoba has partnered with Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited. Gallagher is the 4th largest insurance brokerage in the world, with offices around the globe. In Canada, they have a specialized Sport and Recreation department headed up by Brent Brandham, VP. Brent works with over 40 PSOs and NSOs across the country as well as sits on the board of Skate Ontario, and he is excited to work with cycling provinces across Canada as our new broker.


Members are covered whilst participating in MCA sanctioned activities:

  • $10,000,000 General Liability: Provides protection if sued due to injury.
  • $50,000 Sport Accident Insurance: Provides medical coverage associated with injuries caused while participating in a sanctioned activity in excess of provincial health programs and private insurance.


Personal Accident Extension Program: Coverage whilst practising and training in non-sanctioned activities. $23.00 per participant per annum in addition to an annual general membership or race license.


Directors & Officers Insurance

One of the optional benefits that Gallagher has arranged for Cycling clubs in Manitoba is the ability to get affordable Director’s & Officers (D&O) Liability coverage for your Club Board.

Why is this important?

Being a Director of a Cycling Club is a prestigious position, but with that prestige comes responsibility. The board is responsible for the financial well-being of the Club, and as such, have a duty to the stakeholders to be accountable for their actions. D&O coverage protects not only the Club, but also the individual board members from liability arising out of their actions as a part of their duties. With our preferred rates, this coverage is a worthwhile investment in the financial security of the Club.

For more information or to get a quote, please complete and send the attached application to Brent Brandham at or 416-408-5457


Bicycle Insurance

Coverage for bicycles is now available, which includes all perils for physical damage, theft of your bicycle, crashing your bicycle (even while racing) and accidental damage, up to values of $25,000!  

Check out the Canada – Oasis Pedal Power Insurance Brokers in Manitoba. 

Trade Team Insurance

Cyclists' Responsibility Code

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists must learn to coexist on the road together. For everyone’s safety, the cyclists’ responsibility code offers 10 tenets to help prepare cyclists and bike riders to avoid crashes, share the road, stay safe and have fun.

  1. Always stay in control. You must be able to ride safely among others, to come to a complete stop, and to avoid obstacles – all without causing harm to yourself or others. You must only participate in events that match your fitness and ability level.
  2. You must be familiar with the course and the environs.
  3. Do not ride on any course if you are not participating in that field/event.
  4. Obey, at all times, the rules governing this sport and the rules governing this event. Observe and obey, at all times, all event signage and personnel, including event staff, marshals, commissaires, security staff, and police officers.
  5. You must always wear an approved helmet at all times while astride your bicycle during this event.
  6. Use only equipment with which you are familiar and which is in good working order.
  7. Do not stop where you may obstruct the race in progress or where you are not visible to oncoming riders or others.
  8. You must not participate in the event if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessively fatigued, or if you are dizzy or ill.
  9. If you do not finish the event you must clearly report to a commissaire or designated event staff that you are withdrawing.
  10. Understand the risks of this sport and take time to read and understand all documents you are signing, as well as this Cyclists’ Responsibility Code.

Know the code – Be safety conscious. It is your responsibility to stay safe and keep others safe around you.