Hop On Program

HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches kids across Canada the joys of cycling in a fun, inclusive, and skillful environment.

The HopOn national grassroots program aims to make cycling accessible to everyone across Canada. At Manitoba Cycling, we have incorporated the games-based learning approach into our cycling day camps, summer camps, and youth development programs. We are launching these initiatives into the community emphasizing fundamental cycling skills and safety. Our aim is to teach basic to intermediate cycling abilities, foster confidence, and unite youth through the joys and challenges of cycling. In Manitoba, HopOn serves as the introduction program before the Kids of Mud program, providing a foundational experience for young cyclist before they progress to more advanced levels of skill development. 

What's New in Hop On

In Person Coach Clinic: New HopOn Training

HopOn Orientation provides an “on-bike” opportunity to practice teaching the HopOn curriculum while maintaining a safe & engaging practice. Using the HopOn curriculum, coaches will  apply their theoretical understanding from the e-learning module …

Posted: Feb. 20, 2024

Become an Instructor

All instructors must complete a selection of NCCP training courses, as well as the HopOn eLearning module and in-person orientation. Overall there are six courses/modules to complete:

  • NCCP Cycling Foundations eLearning (available online; 45 minutes)
  • NCCP Emergency Action Planning eLearning (available online; 15 minutes)
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz (available online; 5 hours)
  • NCCP Cycling Practice Planning (in-person OR online; register through your provincial cycling association; 2 x 2 hours)
  • NCCP: Basic Cycling Skills (in-person; register through your provincial cycling association; 8 hours)
  • HopOn eLearning (register through your provincial cycling association; 4 hours)
  • HopOn Orientation (in-person; register through your provincial cycling association; 8 hours)

Note: All coaches will require up to date screening and first aid training. 

HopOn Programs

2024 Programs to be Announced