The MCA proudly Presents the 2024

Youth Cycling Festival

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada

What is the Youth Cycling Festival?

Welcome to the 2024 Youth Cycling Festival, where we will proudly be showcasing two of our key grassroots programs aimed at nurturing young cyclists and fostering a love for the sport across Manitoba.

Join us and our (HopOn & NCCP) trained Youth Program Instructors as we shine a spotlight on our HopOn inspired summer camps and the Kids of Mud club program through interactive demonstrations. 

At the festival, participants will have the exciting opportunity to engage in hands-on activities directly inspired by these programs. Hop on your bike and join in thrilling games designed to enhance your cycling skills. Practice various techniques taught in our summer camps and Kids of Mud club program under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Plus, we have fantastic giveaways lined up for all participants, making this event even more memorable! Get ready for a day filled with fun, and learning as we celebrate the joy of cycling together!

Special thanks to Bike Week Winnipeg for their Collaboration and Support             Bike Week Winnipeg

Who is the Manitoba Cycling Association?

The Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) is the not-for-profit, volunteer-driven Provincial Sports Organization, has been dedicated to promoting and nurturing cycling in Manitoba since 1980. Committed to fostering the growth of young athletes through grassroots initiatives and programming, including our HopOn programs and camps, the Kids of Mud club program, and the Manitoba Provincial Program, we strive to propel athletes along the performance pathway

What is HopOn?

HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches kids across Canada the joys of cycling in a fun, inclusive, and skillful environment.

The HopOn national grassroots program aims to make cycling accessible to everyone across Canada. At Manitoba Cycling, we have incorporated the games-based learning approach into our cycling day camps, summer camps, and youth development programs. We are launching these initiatives into the community emphasizing fundamental cycling skills and safety. Our aim is to teach basic to intermediate cycling abilities, foster confidence, and unite youth through the joys and challenges of cycling. In Manitoba, HopOn serves as the introduction program before the Kids of Mud program, providing a foundational experience for young cyclist before they progress to more advanced levels of skill development. 

What is Kids of Mud?

KOM is a learn-to-ride and learn-to-race program for kids 16 and younger covering the Fundamentals, Learn to Train and Train to Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development pathway.

Kids of Mud (KOM) is the official youth cycling program of the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) administered by a group of participating clubs. KOM is a learn-to-ride and learn-to-race program for kids 16 and younger covering the FundamentalsLearn to Train and Train to Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development pathway. Through the help of certified coaches and volunteers, riders will learn the basics of off-road cycling with an opportunity to challenge their skill and fitness in a fun race series.

Riders are registered with the MCA in one of these internationally recognized youth cycling categories: under 17, under 15, under 13, under 11 and under 9 (their age as of December 31st).

Training takes place twice a week with the program beginning mid/late April and wrapping up at the end of June. Kids wishing to ride must have a certified cycling helmet, a mountain bike with hand brakes and gears, and able to ride their bike without training wheels. Training with Kids of Mud includes safety, braking, gears, hills, racing (optional), riding over small and large obstacles, trail riding, and more.

The Kids of Mud training program is run by certified coaches in smaller clubs in Manitoba.