MCA Commissaire (Cycling Official) Information

Commissaires are the sports officials for bicycle races in each cycling discipline. Their responsibilities are to ensure a safe and fair play competition, in accordance with UCI/MCA Rules and Regulations. 

All races at the provincial and regional level in Manitoba must be attended by one or more Commissaires, working closely with the organizer. The following responsibilities apply:

  1. Assess and maintain safety,
  2. Ensure fair plan, which may require the need to apply penalties (such as warnings, fines, relegation, or disqualification) if appropriate for infractions of the rules,
  3. Judge the start and finish of each race, and
  4. Produce accurate results.

Commissaires are trained and licensed volunteers who, when appointed to provincial and regional level races are paid an honorarium for races worked, plus travel expenses.

UCI Rules & Regulation – All disciplines

Please contact the following to confirm Event Assignments:

Road & Cyclocross Commissaire
Provincial Chief Commissaire, National Road Commissaire, Provincial Commissaire Learning Facilitator

Arlene Woodcock

Mountain Bike Commissaire
Provincial Chief Commissaire, National MTB Commissaire, Provincial Commissaire Learning Facilitator

Karin McSherry


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