Performance Program

The MCA Performance Program is aimed at preparing athletes to compete and win at Provincial and national level events, building upon the knowledge and skills gained in the Development program. This is the “Train to Compete” stage of the LTAD model. Athletes who are members of this program have shown competitive results in and outside of Manitoba. The objectives of this program are to increase an athlete’s experience and knowledge through provincial and out-of-province competitions and qualifying for provincial and national teams. This program is the link from the Development Program to the High Performance Program.

Athletes are expected to complete both training sessions on own (2-4 times per week) in addition to group training sessions (5 days per week), during the winter (November to April) and the summer (May to October). Athletes will compete in all three disciplines (road, mtb, cyclocross) and are required to have appropriate bikes for each. Athletes outside of Winnipeg will have training programs that can be done on their own.

Nick Bergen– Provincial Head Cycling Coach


Cell: 204.559-0291

Program Prerequisites:

  1. Age: 15 – 22 (as of December 31)
  2. Disciplines: Road, MTB & Cyclocross
  3. Only athletes meeting Performance Program criteria will be eligible to join program. Contact Provincial Head coach for

Program Cost

Full Season (November to October): $1750

Summer Season (April to October): $1100


  1. Individualized Training & Testing
  2. Winter Training Facility
  3. Regular training sessions with other Provincial team athletes
  4. Represent Team Manitoba at provincial team sanctioned projects
  5. Access to Provincial Program Equipment
  6. Provincial support to expedient Sport Medicine & Physiotherapy access
  7. Access to Provincial team sponsor equipment
  8. Strength and Conditioning plans and coaching


  1. Must be coached by a NCCP certified coach
  2. Athletes must submit their yearly training plan to Provincial Head coach, as well as provide monthly update on their training
  3. Wear current Team Manitoba Clothing (jersey & shorts) at all designated Provincial Program events
  4. Attend minimum of 3 of the 4 road & MTB provincial championships (MTB, Road, Crit, ITT)
  5. Athlete must have a cycling computer & heart rate that is capable of using a power meter and is compatible with Training Peaks
  6. Must be a member of the Manitoba Cycling Association in good standing, with UCI racing license