Why Start a Club?

Clubs contribute to community strength by fostering social connections, promoting share interests, and providing platforms for collaboration.  A club creates a sense of belonging, encourages positive interactions, and often engage in community service, enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

How to Start a Club

Starting a sport club in your community may seem like a daunting task. The process is a complex one and needs to be carefully planned if the club is to succeed in the long term. The purpose of this section is to provide you with a basic step-by-step guide to forming a sport club from scratch. From undertaking a community assessment to deciding on club structure, the information provided should help assist your group as they work towards developing a viable sport club that will serve the needs of your community in the years to come.


The Manitoba Cycling Association depends on a strong club network for the continued growth of cycling in the Province of Manitoba. The local cycling club is the first contact most cycling enthusiasts make with organized cycling, and this contact can determine the future of the relationship of the individual and the sport. In addition, cycling clubs continue to organize most races and tours across Manitoba, and are valuable local members of the recreation community.

There are many types of cycling clubs in Manitoba: racing, recreational, youth development, and sometimes a combination of all three. Clubs select and mentor volunteers, organize races and club rides, and select club representatives for MCA programs and race committees. Clubs need “Club Members” in order to continue to offer sport and recreational activities. Please contact the clubs listed below to find out details about their membership and benefits. Can’t choose one…join multiple!

Annual Club Registration

Club Presidents/Administrators are required to register their club annually (before January 31).

Club memberships must be paid before individual licenses can be printed.

Annual club membership is $130.00 (plus GST) = $136.50

Three Methods of Payments

1. CCN Online Registration:

When you register your club through CCN online you will be asked to provide updated contact information + a summary of activities you are requesting sanctioning for.

CCN charges a processing fee for online registration.

Online registration link:  Manitoba Cycling Association – Club Sanctioning | CCN (ccnbikes.com)

2. MCA Google Documents:

When you register your club through google documents you will see a Club Affiliation form.  Please provide all club information on this form.

There is no fees for this registration.

Online link:  Google Docs

MCA will process your club information  

3. Cheque:

Payable to Manitoba Cycling Association

145 Pacific Ave Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6

Proceed to Online Banking:

Send payment to mca.etransfer@gmail.com

Please indicate your club name and Annual Affiliation fee in the notes of the etransfer.

Activities must be reported/sanctioned in advance to them happening in order to be covered by insurance.


All affiliated clubs must participate in the CC/MCA insurance program. This program is paid for by each individual through a portion of the MCA Affiliate Club Membership as well as individual membership.

Club Funding

All affiliated clubs must participate in the CC/MCA insurance program unless otherwise agreed to by the Manitoba Cycling Association for the specific year in question. This program is paid for by each individual through a portion of their MCA Affiliate Club Membership, UCI Licence or Citizen Permit. You must meet the following conditions for the insurance policy to defend you in case of a loss:

  1. The club has a current (updated annually) Risk Management Plan(see Risk Management below),
  2. Every member of the club has submitted a MCA waiver (When you purchase your individual license online, the waiver is included in your online license purchase. If Under the age of 18 a signed paper waiver must be returned to the office before the license can be printed)
  3. All club activities comply with published guidelines and are registered with the MCA (see Registered Club Activities below),
  4. All clubs must register annually with the MCA (via our online registration provider CCN) and pay the appropriate Affiliate Club Membership fee. (see Affiliate your club annually above)


Risk Management

A Club must undertake reasonable personal safety measures to safeguard members; such as, but not restricted to:

  1. Each approved club activity (ride) should have a ride leader
  2. The rider leader should have the means to contact emergency services (i.e.- a charged cell phone) and sufficient knowledge of the ride route to direct emergency services to the approximate location
  3. First Aid Supplies