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Karlee Can Games

Bison Butteis under development. Please be advised that the course is currently open for MCA sanctioned activities with MCA members only.  Unauthorized use is not permitted at this time as the course is still in development.



Jason Howden

2017 MCA Board of Directors
Mountain Bike Committee Coordinator

Mountain Bike Committee

The organization of mountain bike races and events depends on the work of volunteers – consider joining the MTB committee and help MTB racing grow in Manitoba.

The committee consists of a Chair (MCA Board Member) and a representative from each club in Manitoba.

MTB Committee Terms of Reference


Information for Mountain Biking Racers

Manitoba Race Calendar: 2017 Race Calendar TBA

Race Results (2017): CLICK HERE

MTB Points Results (2016) CLICK HERE

MTB Manual (Updated April 21015) CLICK HERE



Birch Pass


  • Direct inquiries to Blair Geisel, 204-856-9352
  • Directions (Here)
  • Register to ride at Birch, with the “Birch Pass” (Here).  A Birch Pass is not required to race at a MCA Sanctioned Event.
  • Under 16: Free
    Individual (16+): $50
    Family: $90
  • Venue Booking Process(Here)



The Birch Ski area is situated on the edge of the Manitoba Escarpment.  The area offers a wide range of gully and valley terrain that provides exceptional scenery and challenging riding.   Birch has over 40 km of single and double track trails for intermediate to expert riders.  Some trails have steep ascents/descents.  A Birch Trail Pass or Junk Yard Dog membership is required to ride at Birch.  Birch Trail Passes are now available as either day or season passes.  An MCA general membership or racing licence is no longer required to ride at Birch. Click HERE to obtain a pass or membership.  The Birch pass and JYD membership is paperless, meaning a paper pass will not be forwarded to you in the mail.  Instead your name will be added to a database to confirm you are a pass holder immediately upon purchasing your pass.

Where to Mountain Bike in Manitoba (Here)



MTB Event Formats in Manitoba

Cross Country Olympic (XCO)
Cross Country Eliminator (Sprint) (XCE)
Cross Country Point to Point (XCP)
Cross Country Time Trial (XCT)
Cross Country Short Track (XCT)
Cross Country Enduro (XCM) – Marathons/24-hour races
Cross Country Team Relay (XCR)

Want to Organize a MTB Race/Event? Contact your Committee Rep and MTB Coordinator, then head over to the Organizers section of this website for important information and resources.

Mountain Bike Trail & Venue Information

The Mountain Bike Trail and Venue document is “work in progress”.  Our goal is to provide a broad list of Mountain Bike trails in Manitoba including a short description of the terrain, trails, and degree of difficulty. The trails have been grouped by region.  The MCA welcomes any comments or contributions to the Mountain Bike Trail and Venue document.  Please send comments to Blair Geisel at

Mountain Bike Long-Term Athlete Development Model: This document is a guide to MTB based on principles of Long-Term Athlete Development. LTAD is a pathway for optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete’s career, but particularly in relation to the important growth and development years of young people.

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