2024 Manitoba Summer Games Update

We are now only 4 months away from the MB Summer Games August 11-17th, 2024 in Dauphin.  Cycling (mountain biking) is in the first phase of the Games from Aug 11-14th with athletes participating in the Opening Ceremonies and racing on Aug 12 and 13th on the Selo Ukrainia race course (Northgate Trails).


Qualifier/Selection Races – there are now FIVE (5) CONFIRMED qualifier races with the first coming up in a couple of weeks.  All the races are listed on the event calendar on the Manitoba Cycling website.

  • Grand Beach Grand Prix (Grand Beach Cross Country Ski trails) – Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • Falcon Ridge (Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes) – Saturday, May 18, 2024
  • Neepawa (Hylife Back 40) – Saturday, June 8, 2024 – Short track
  • Minnedosa (Squirrel Hills)- Sunday, June 9, 2024 – XCO
  • Schinken Vad (located in Southern MB) – Saturday, June 15, 2024

Athletes DO NOT need to take part in every qualifier race.  HOWEVER, they must take part in a minimum of one race.  There are FIVE races to provide ample opportunity for kids born in 2010-2013 to take part in at least one qualifier race located in their home region: EAST, WEST, SOUTH and (near) Winnipeg.  

At the time of online registration for each race – please ensure your child is registered for the correct race.  It should be indicated on the registration form which category is the qualifier event for the MB Summer Games) for U13 and U15.

Selection of athletes

  • Points are awarded based on the race results from the qualifier races (best 4 out of 5) and the cumulative score will help determine athlete selection for the Games.  A bonus of 50 points will be awarded for athletes that take part in all 5 qualifier races.
  • The athletes with the highest and second highest number of points for their age category (U13 or U15) AND gender category (male or female) in their region in which they reside (Winnipeg Blue, Winnipeg Gold, West, South and East) will be selected as athletes to take part in the MB Summer Games.


  • There will be up to a maximum of 8 athletes per team and we will not have a team representing the North.  TOTAL number = 5 teams x  8 athletes/team = 40 athletes (previously reported as 48 athletes total) as SportMB will not allow more than 8 athletes per team (ie. cannot reallocate spots from one regional team to another team).  HOWEVER, a qualifying athlete may be placed on a different regional team so long as the regional team is composed of at least 50% athletes living in the region (eg. If there are 3 qualifying athletes that live in the southern region, we can fill an additional 3 spots with athletes that live in a different region and they would compete under the South Regional team).  The fill policy is described in the cycling technical guide which is available on the MB Summer Games website: https://sportmanitoba.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/2024-MSG-Cycling-Technical-Package-June-14-2023.pdf

Region your child resides per Sport MB

The regional teams were changed for 2024 and there is now a NEW interactive map on the MB Summer Games website under FAQ.  Here the link: https://www.sportmanitoba.ca/manitoba-games/about/faq/

NEEDED: Female Team Managers

Coaching positions have been filled and we are still in need of 2 FEMALE team managers for the below teams.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me at the email below.  Note they need to be female to ensure each regional team pair is one male and one female (coach-manager combination).  They do NOT need to live in the region for which they will manage.

  • One of the Winnipeg Teams
  • West regional team



Athletes DO NOT have to participate in a Kids of Mud Program to be eligible, however they will need to have a membership with the MB Cycling Association AND they will need to have a race license (MB race licences or UCI license).