How to upgrade to a Race license

How to upgrade your license:

First – “PHOTO” – Do I need one for my license or not?  Provincial Race Licenses do not require a photo.  A UCI photo does.

If upgrading to a UCI License, please save a photo before your start so you can upload during the upgrade process.  


Click this link to access your license:!/memberships/manitoba-cycling-association-2022-annual-license-membership


Go to the  blue box that says “buy your MCA license or membership”


Select the license you want to upgrade.  For example you may see more than one license if you registered other family members under your email address.


Select “Register

The license that you currently have will be checked off.

Click on the new license you want to upgrade to.

Upload a photo if your are upgrading to a UCI license.

A UCI license requires you to select the category you will be racing in. If you are new to racing “Category 5” (Road/Cyclocross) and “Sport” (Mountain Bike) are the most common beginner categories. Category options will vary depending on your age.

Keep clicking “next” until you complete the process.

CCN will charge your credit card for the upgrade and then send a receipt to your email.


If you need assistance with the process please contact CCNbikes toll free help line 1-866-534-2453