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Manitoba Cycling believes that everyone has the right to enjoy the sport at whatever level or position they participate in.  Athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, or discrimination.

As we approach spring and the start-up of MCA and Club programming, this is another reminder that creating a sport that is safe is a shared responsibility. All clubs running Youth programming must ensure that their coaches leading and supporting programming meet the volunteer and coaching requirements for their program.  If you are unclear what the requirements are, please contact your Club President or MCA’s program director, or Manitoba Cycling (204-925-5686).


Coaches play a vital role in shaping the youth of tomorrow through sport. The MCA relies on coaches and clubs and other persons in authority to be role models and to put young athletes on a path to success. The dynamic between coach and athlete gives rise to a power imbalance and a culture of unquestioned trust that can result in abuse. As such, it is imperative that all persons in positions of authority be held to a high standard of conduct. Abuse in sport, particularly sexual abuse and the grooming behavior that precedes it, destroys the positive impact of sport and causes untold harm to victims and those around them. Consequently the MCA and MCA’s affiliated clubs who are working with youth and other members considered part of the vulnerable sector (i.e: persons with disabilities) have a strong obligation to establish and maintain systems that prevent abuse and respond to conduct that poses risk to MCA athletes.  No-compliance could result in non-affiliation or removal of coaching certification and licensing.


As a coach or a parent, you might encounter a situation in sport with bullying or harassment that you are uncertain about how to address. Talk to someone who can help.  For support, consultation, referral or resources please call toll free 1-877-737-9875. For any suspected incidents of abuse, harassment, bullying and hazing call this number immediately. A trained Support Line staff person will be available to assist with questions or concerns.

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