Team Toba – Canada Summer Games

Team Toba Cycling at the Canada Summer Games

Message from Team Manager

“When we’re doing the road race or mountain bike race, it’s high speed, close quarters, decision making,” said Dean Lowrie, Team Manager for Team Toba Cycling of the fast-paced race environment. “So [it] kind of falls into some of the mental skill – that ability to keep the mind clear, [and] make good, specific decisions in real-time.”

Pedal to the Medal –  “We start off with some base-building long rides,” said Dean. “We just went to Penticton and rode 500 km in seven days. They all did amazing with that. So, now we’re back, and now we’re getting ready for race season.”The other 20 per cent will be spent at Sport Manitoba Performance and getting their exercise in.

Words of Wisdom   “Your building towards this goal of Canada Games right now. You have what it takes. You have the ability, the determination. You have the focus. You’re already enough. Enjoy the experience and trust that you have done everything in your power to prepare for the moment,” said Twila.

Cycling in the Spotlight – “One of the things we’ve really focused on this year is broadening the program outside the city of Winnipeg,” said Dean. “We’ve brought in some athletes from Swan River, Minnedosa, Boissevain, Portage la Prairie. We’re really becoming a provincial team program and we’re setting up our programming to help athletes throughout the entire province.”The association has a great Kids of Mud program, and it’s happening in every corner of the province.“It’s finding ways to bridge that gap from Kids of Mud into our provincial team programs. They’ve done an outstanding job with that,” said Dean.

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