Northgate Hyperthermia Fatbike Race – February 4th, 2023

Attention all Fat Bike Riders! 


  • Event:  Hyperthermia Fatbike Race!!
  • Location:  The Northgate Trails are located adjacent to the north gate of Riding Mountain National Park (South of Dauphin). The race sign-in and starting location is at the Selo Ukrainian Heritage Site, not at the Northgate trailhead.

    Eligibility:  The race is open to all. Valid UCI/CCA/MCA race license or a Day
    Permit* are required. To purchase a UCI/CCA/MCA license visit the MCA Website. If you do not have an MCA license, you can purchase a single day pass for $20 when you register online.

    Registration closes: 11:59pm Friday February 3rd