MB Summer Games: Point system/Results for 1st Qualifier Race, Falcon Cup Registration Open!

Attention: MB KOM clubs and parents of kids born in 2010-2013...

…and had a MCA license in 2023 and/or 2024 (or took part in the first qualifier race) and would be age eligible to qualify for a spot on a regional team to compete in the 2024 MB Summer Games in Dauphin this August 11-14, 2024.


There are 5 REGIONAL teams: 

  1. EAST
  2. WEST, 
  3. SOUTH, 
  5. WINNIPEG GOLD.  (No North team)

Each team will have a Regional team COACH and a Regional team MANAGER (1 male, 1 female)Each regional team can have up to 8 athletes:

  • U13 Female x 2
  • U13 Male x 2
  • U15 Female x 2
  • U15 Male x 2


How do I find out what regional team my child would qualify for?  Here is the link to Sport MB’s regional map: https://www.sportmanitoba.ca/manitoba-games/about/faq/

TEAM SELECTION – Athlete fill policy

Athlete selection will be based on cumulative points earned from the five MB Summer Games qualifier races (Grand Beach, Falcon Cup, Neepawa, Minnedosa and Schinken Vad).  Best 4 of 5 race results count towards the athletes total.  If an athlete participates in all five qualifier races, they will be awarded a bonus of 50 points.

The athletes who have the highest and second highest number of points in all four categories: age and gender.  The athlete fill policy can be found in the technical package on the MB Summer Games website: https://www.sportmanitoba.ca/manitoba-games/dauphin2024/

The MCA will regulate fills using the list of qualifying athletes obtained once all qualifying events are complete in accordance with the Manitoba Games Regional Team policy. The list of qualifying athletes will consist of the following:

    • All first and second place finishers in all four categories (age group and
    • All third-place finishers in all four categories (“Fill” athletes).
    • Any additional athletes who may desire to attend the Games as recommended by a regional coach (“Fill” athletes)

Athlete fill positions will be distributed equally and fairly among regional teams. Only eligible athletes from their respective categories, (age and gender), will be used as fills. The intent is to fill by gender and category first, if positions are still vacant then cross category and cross gender fills will be assigned based on MCA approval. 

    • Fill Athletes will compete in their own category, (age and gender), for their respective regional team. 
    • A Regional team may have more than the standard number of competitors for a category (e.g., more than two U13 boys) only if other regional teams have fewer than the allocated numbers for that same category. 
    • A Regional team may have more than the allotted # of athletes by gender within a Category if other Regional teams are not able to fill their complement. 
    • The MCA will determine the number of athlete fill positions available. 
    • The third-place fill athletes will be ranked equally for each regional team, i.e. all third-place competitors from their regional qualifiers will be randomly drawn to fill the available category spots. 
    • Once all category and gender fill positions have been assigned to qualified category and gender athletes, leftover fill positions will then be drawn by qualified category and alternate gender athletes on the qualified list of fill athletes.


Point system is based on the MTB cup points system as described in the MB Mountain Bike Manual: https://mbcycling.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/MCA-Mountain-Bike-Manual-Rev-Oct31-2022.pdf

See page 30 for specifics.  For each age and gender category:

1st place = 100 points
2nd place = 90 points
3rd place = 80 points
4th place = 70 points
5th place = 60 points
6th place = 50 points
7th place = 40 points
8th place = 30 points
9th place = 20 points
10th place = 10 points 
11th place = 9 points
12th place = 8 points
13th place = 7 points
…and so forth.  
    • If a racer starts but does not finish (DNF) they will get 1 point
    • If a racer registers but does not start (DNS) they will get 0 points
    • If a racer participates in all 5 qualifier races they will earn a bonus 50 points. 

The BEST 4 of 5 race results for each athlete will count towards their number of points

POINT RESULTS from the first Qualifier Race (and subsequent results) can be found on the MCA website under: EVENTS –> MB Summer Games



Did you take part in one of the races at Grand Prix of Grand Beach?  If yes, then Greg C. McNeil (volunteer photographer extraordinaire) will likely have captured you in action).  Check out his photos from the day on his Flickr account:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/116655655@N05/albums/72177720316770897/

BUT don’t be like the dude in one of the pictures riding around without a helmet – ALL riders should be wearing a helmet.  

REGISTRATION for 2nd Qualifier Race – Falcon Cup

Registration for the Falcon Cup race on Saturday, May 18th is now OPEN and will close this Thursday, May 16th at 11:59 PM.

Race guide and registration link: https://mbcycling.ca/event/mtb-xc-falcon-trails-resort/

The U13/U15 MB Summer Games Qualifier race course is shorter at 2 km per lap; will consist of multiple laps and will highlight the Whiteshell park topography (read: elevation and riding pre-cambrian shield (rock) so will have a different feel compared to the Grand Beach race.  

The race organizers have a phenomenal day of racing planned and will have items from their winter menu food available for purchase.