HopOn project – Camp Manitou


Starting in 2019, the True North Youth Foundation’s (TNYF) Camp Manitou embarked on a significant $8.5 million expansion to introduce new amenities and activities which include a 2.6-acre custom-made lake bordered by new Mountain bike trails.

For many kids,  new activities like mountain biking are ones they haven’t had the chance to try before.

Camp Manitou is ensuring their youth get “skilled instruction” to develop their skills through MCA member Ness Dalling, their newly hired Bike Program Coordinator. Dalling grew up involved in Manitoba Cycling’s provincial cycling program and has been training through Cycling Canada’s new National Hop On program which is currently being piloted by Manitoba Cycling in an effort to reach new riders and help provide the necessary skills for youth to ride safe, build confidence, and have fun riding a bike for years to come!

A typical week of camp sees kids move from activity to activity each hour all week long. The skills being provided are building blocks for future riding whether that be joining a MCA Kids of Mud youth cycling club, commuting to school, recreational riding,  or participating in a cycling event.

President, Paul Huntington and Executive Director, Twila Cruickshank visited the facility this week and were impressed with the camps expansion, future vision, and of course the amazing people who work there who are creating an unforgettable experience for our youth.