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MTB – Cup # 2 at Bison Butte

May 12, 2018


Download the Race Guide: CLICK HERE

Race Date: Saturday May 12

 Host:  Manitoba Cycling Association, Mtb Bike Committee

Contact: Jason Howden     Jasonhowden@mymts.net

Location:  Bison Butte. Winnipeg, Mb.

Google Map Pin: CLICK HERE

Directions:    Enter at the access road is between 1629 and 1662 McCreary Road, Winnipeg, Mb.  Follow the road in an easterly direction for 800 meters and angle park along the road.

Eligibility:   The race is open to all those with a valid UCI/CCA/MCA race license and Citizen Licence.  To purchase a UCI/CCA/MCA license visit www.mbcycling.ca


Pre-registration Link CLICK HERE

Online Pre reg closes: 11:59 pm, Friday May 11

Race day registratio: Race day registration closes: 30 Minutes before your event.

Check In:  All registered riders must “Check-in” at the registration table.  Check in opens at 8:30am and closes 1/2 hour before your event start.


§  Elite,  male and female

§  Expert,  male and female

§  Comp,  male and female

§  Sport, JR male and female

§  Sport SR male and Female

§  Citizen


§  U17 male and female

§  U15 male and female

§  U13 male and female

§  U11 male and female

§  U9 male and female

§  U7 male and female



8:30-9:45 Pre ride U7, U9, U11, U13
10:00 Race 1 U7 & U9
11:00 Race 2 U11 & U13
12:00 Podium Presentation U11- U13
11:45 – 12:45 Race 3 Pre-ride U15 through to Elite
1:00 Race 3 start U15 through to Elite
3:15 Podium Presentation U15 through to Elite


AGE Pre Reg Race Day Reg
U7 Free Free
U9 / U11 / U13 $10 $10
U15 / U17 $20 $35
U19 / U23 / and older Minimum $35 $45

U7 – U9         Lollypops and Chocolate Bars

U11 – U13     Cash in envelopes and or registration for a future MTN bike Race

U15 –U17      Cash in envelopes and or registration for a future MTN bike Race

Sport – Elite Male and Female (Equal prizing) cash in envelopes and or registration for a future MTN bike Race

 Optimal Duration:

§  Elite M/F:         1:30–2:00

§  Expert M/F,     1:15–1:45

§  Comp M/F,      1:15–1:30

§  U17 M/F:         1:15–1:30

§  Sport M/F:       1:00–1:15

§  U15, M/F:        0:30–1:00

§  U13, M/F:        0:30–0:55

§  U11, M/F:        0:20-0:30

§  U9/U7, M/F:    0:15-0:20

*The above race durations are an estimate and derived from Cycling Canada Companion Guide. The Commissaires (race officials) will determine the number of laps per category on race day.

Course Description: Course will be marked and ready to ride the day before and for the defined training periods.  .  Course typically consists of dirt paths, sand and gravel sections, muddy, rooty, and rocky areas, and contains natural hazards such as trees, rocks, undulating terrain, roots, loose and inconsistent surface conditions.  Keep in mind that the weather and recent precipitation may greatly affect any and all of these conditions.

Course map (coming soon)

 Parking: Parking is available at the site, along the access road into the site.  Access road is off McCreary road.

 Washrooms: Washrooms are outhouses / porta potties

 Food: Burger, Drink, and Cookies

 Cancellation and Rain Delays: the course is quite robust and we will run as long as it is safe,   please consult www.mbcycling.ca for updated info, Twitter: MB cycling for up-to-date notices, and a variety of Facebook groups for last minute cancellation info


General Race Rules :

§  Pre-riding may only be done during the designated times for your category.

§  Everyone riding on the course during scheduled Pre Ride/training times MUST have a current MCA/UCI Race licence (UCI or Citizen Licence). Non members are not permitted to operate a bicycle on the course during scheduled event times.

§  All racers must operate a bicycle with both front and rear working brakes.

§  All racers must wear a safety approved helmet deemed appropriate for cycling AT ALL TIMES while riding (i.e. while training, racing, riding around the staging area etc.). No exceptions.

§  Riders shall act and race with caution and respect for their fellow racers. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.

§  Racers MUST present their license at the Registration/Check-in table. Do not come to a race without your license. FYI, technically, the license is to remain on your person throughout the race.

§  It is a racer’s responsibility to know the race course and the number of required laps before the race starts. Marshalls are not obligated to give out directions to confused riders.

§  A racer must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.

§  If a rider exits the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at exactly the same point from which they exited (i.e. do not cross over tape to re-enter the course).

§  Music players and electronic devises are NOT allowed by any racers during any events.

§  Sleeveless jerseys are NOT allowed.

§  You may only wear the jersey of a club or team to which you currently belong, i.e. do not wear a Pro team jerseys unless you are currently a member of that Pro team.

§  The current “Century 21 Interdisciplinary Challenge” winner should wear the Century 21 Bachman & associates Jersey, to all cup Races or the season they receive their jersey.  The Century 21 jersey trumps the cup Jersey

§  Handlebars must have end caps. Kickstands should be removed. Water bottle holders must be secured in appropriate locations on the bicycle frame or seat post.

§  Race plates must be secured to the handlebar so that the number can be clearly read by the Commissaires at the Finish line. Do not alter the plate in any way. Ensure the plate is not obscured by brake cables or bent such that the numbers are difficult to read from a distance. Ensure the bottom of the plate is secured so that it cannot flip up.

§  Before the race, know exactly where the finish line is situated. Your finish time is recorded on the finish line. Do not stop your race until you cross the finish line. Once finished, exit the area immediately.

§  The finish line is for finishers. Never cross the finish line twice.

§  If you leave the race for any reason you MUST alert one of the Commissaires as soon as you are able. It is not fun to look for a “lost” rider who has left the race course unannounced.

§  Glass containers are not allowed on the course, including the feed zone.

§  Please walk your bicycle in the parking areas & any other road ways adjacent to the race site.

§  Please walk your bicycle in the registration, spectator and staging areas.

§  Please consult the UCI and CCA rules to see all applicable rules and regulations.







May 12, 2018
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