2013 Annual Award Nominations

Bike Trophy



The Manitoba Cycling Association is seeking nominations for our Annual Awards Celebration which will take place on Saturday, November 9th (Details to be announced shortly).

The deadline for nominations is Monday, September 30th


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Nominees for the annual Manitoba Cycling Association awards, including the MCA Lifetime Acheivement Award,  are based on peer/membership nomination.

Annual awards  nominations are collected by the MCA office and submitted to each discipline committee to determine the winners in each category.  Cyclocross nominations will be based on the 2012 Race season.

To assist with the selection process, when nominating, please provide a summary of acheivements for the individual you are nominating.  Options include but are not limited to past season results and accomplishments, committment to cycling in Manitoba, leadership, support in coaching, support in officiating, and committment to long term athlete developement.

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