Canada Summer Games – MTB Relay Information for August 1st

Not sure how the MTB Relay works or who is on our Manitoba Team?  Here are your answers!

Women’s Relay

Race starts at 10:00 am

Team: Chloe Penner, Rebecca Man

Men’s Relay

Race starts at 12:30 pm

Team: Carson Thompson, Kailen Shackleton, Ari Robinson


For information on accessing the FREE venue, click here.


About the event:

Each Province/Territory may enter up to 3 riders.  Both men and women will ride 1 lap of the course.

All Provinces/Territories are awarded a start position based in their final ranking at the 2013 Canada Summer Games.  The best Province/Territory is seeded first.The Provinces/Territories must choose the order in which their riders start.

They must secure a minimum of two riders per gender for the relay. When only 2 riders are involved, one rider will do 2 laps of the course.


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