Camp Manitou – HopOn launch!

Today (July 4) is the official start of MCA’s  first “HopOn” pilot project with Camp Manitou located at 850 Green Oaks Ln, in Headingly Manitoba!

“We are proud to partner with Camp Manitou to bring Bike Skill programming to their outdoor menu of activities and newly developed bike trail network”.

  • HopOn is a  games-based cycling program that teaches kids introductory skills and the joy of cycling safely. The program is delivered by NCCP trained/”HopOn” certified Instructors.
  • Camp Manitou is a summer camp, year-round outdoor recreation facility, and non-profit charitable organization operated by the True North Youth Foundation, a subsidiary of True North Sports and Entertainment.

What’s new at Camp Manitou?

Camp Manitou was able to purchase eleven acres adjacent to their existing camp, where a 2.6 acres has been developed.  The fill created by excavating the lake has been used to build a mountain bike trail system.  Participants attending camp do approximately 6-8 different 1-houroutdoor activities a day. Biking will be one of their one-hour activities.


If you are interested in learning more about HopOn, or becoming a HopOn instructor, please contact Manitoba Cycling: