Become a cycling “Learning Facilitator”

Do you have a passion for cycling?

Are you interested in teaching/instructing?

Does developing other coaches in the province interest you?

Are you looking for a part-time/seasonal “side-hussle”?

Manitoba Cycling is looking to build capacity for cycling development in Manitoba. Our goal is to train coach learning facilitators who can facilitate coach training (both online and in-person) approximately 4  to 6 times a year (primarily in the spring).  Clinics are typically 4 to 6 hours in length, have 10-15 participants and faciliators earn $200.00 – $300.00 per clinic which includes course prep and set-up.

What is a Learning Facilitator:  A Learning Facilitator is an experienced coach trained to develop, support, and challenge coaches in training. NCCP Learning Facilitators / Coach Developers help coaches hone and improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide positive and effective spot experiences for all participants.

Who makes a good facilitator?

  • Active listener
  • Organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Authenticity

If this sounds like a good fit, don’t miss this chance to attend Cycling Canada’s online training session with other coaches across Canada and for Free!!

WHAT:  Content Specific Learning Facilitator training

WHEN: March 28 and 29

WHO: Lead by Paul Jurbala – Master Coach Developer

HOW: Via Zoom (See instructions to register below)

COST: $0.00



Coach candidates must be:

  1. Community Trained or Comp-Intro Certified in order to take the training.
  2. Coaches must have completed Making Ethical Decision (MED) and Learning Facilitator Core Training prior to attending this training.

REGISTER: Register through the Cycling Canada LMS. Passcode to register is CCLF2023! 

 Available MED and Core Trainings in Manitoba:

 Manitoba (online):