The Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) is the not for profit, volunteer based Provincial Sports Organization responsible for the promotion and development of cycling in Manitoba since 1980. Under the umbrella of Sport Manitoba and working with a rapidly growing membership base our purpose is to advance athletes along the performance pathway and develop partnerships to promote the growth of cycling in Manitoba. Working in collaboration with our clubs and members we strive to:
• Provide structure and guidance for organized cycling in Manitoba
• Facilitate and communicate activities
• Develop coaches, athletes, officials & volunteers
• Promote cycling safety
• Provide standards & insurance for races
Mission Vision Values

Summer Youth Bike Day Camps!

The Manitoba Cycling Association is excited to offer MORE cycling camps for youth this summer at Bison Butte MTB Park.  At this time we are offering two levels of camps for youth to learn more about riding their bikes.

August 10 -14: Intermediate Cycling Camp (Full Day Camp)

Intermediate Riders Camp will be a full day of learning and riding for ages 11+. The goal for this camp is enhancing technical and mechanical skills, learning about BMX and building physical fitness, while enjoying the sport. The following are experience requirements: 1 hour or more of constant riding, experience with some obstacles (such as trees, berms and small jumps), pump tracks and hopping over without touching an object. It is strongly suggested that athletes have 2 years of racing experience or Kids Of Mud. This is a perfect opportunity to challenge abilities, grow as individuals and prepare for the 2021 Manitoba Games!


Full Day Camp Registration: CLICK HERE

August 17 -21: Beginner & Novice Cycling Camp (Half Day Camp)

Beginner & Novice Riders Camp are half day camps (morning & afternoon sessions) designed for those new to Mountain Bike Racing or technical trail riding. The goal is learning essential skills and applying skills through fun games and trail rides, while having fun!


Mornings (Beginner): CLICK HERE

Afternoons (Novice): CLICK HERE

More Information:

Contact: Aaron Carter aaroncmssa@gmail.com or call (204) 905-0485

Parent Handbook: CLICK HERE