License/Memberships: What//Why//How//Who//When ?

WHAT is a license ?

A license is the identity document used to verify that you are a member of a Cycling Federation affiliated with the UCI (the International Cycling Union).  It gives you the right to participate in bicycle races in the categories and disciplines listed on the license. Possession of a license also proves that you carry liability insurance in case you cause property damage or injuries to others while racing.

WHY do I need a license ?

  • To prove your identity and racing categories;
  • To prove that you are covered by Manitoba Cycling Association’s insurance policy;
  • To prove that you have agreed to the participant declaration, where you acknowledge that you will follow the regulations of the sport.

HOW can I get a license/membership ?

  • You can purchase your license online, with your credit card, thru “CCN” by clicking on the following link :
  • Licenses are printed at the MCA office and forwarded in the mail to each license holder.
  • Licenses  take up to 3 weeks to arrive in the mail due to high volumes between :Feb-May.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your registration has been received thru CCN.  A print-out of this email serves as proof that you have purchased your license.

(If you are paying by cheque please complete the Manual membership form and submit payment to the Manitoba Cycling Association. Address: 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3B 2Z6)

Who is “CCN” ?

  • “CCN” (Cycle Component Network) is the online license/registration service provider that MCA has partnered with to provide online registration for members.
  •  For more information about CCN see :

What can I do with a UCI License?

  • With a UCI license, you can enter races in the disciplines and categories listed on your license anywhere in the world. For races held within Manitoba, the UCI license allows you to advance through the different ability categories for the disciplines in which you race, once you demonstrate the skill and fitness necessary to do so.  Also, for races that use age categories instead of ability categories, the UCI license is the only license that allows you to race in your age category

What can I do with a Citizen License?

  • A “Manitoba” citizen license is available for those who want to try racing for the first time and have never previously held a race license. The citizen license is valid for one season only.  You must purchase a full UCI/CCA license your second year of racing. Once you purchase a citizen license, you can enter Provincial and Regional level races in the citizen category for any of the disciplines listed on your license. With a citizen license, you can’t enter your age category in races that are run with age categories. Also, you do not have the possibility to advance to more difficult ability categories as your skill level and fitness level rises. In order to do this, you must instead have UCI International License. The citizen license is only valid within Manitoba

What can I do with a General membership?

  • You can participate in club level rides held by the club that you have joined.  If you wish to participate in Provincial or Regional level races, or races or rides held by other clubs then you must also have either a Citizen License or UCI International License.

What do I do if I lose my license ?

Contact the MCA office as soon as possible vie email or phone.  A replacement card can be issued; the lost license replacement fee is $10.

When does my license Expire ?

Licenses/memberships are valid for one calendar year. They expire annually on December 31rst.