Velodonnas – Winnipeg’s Female Cycling Club

DirtSkirtPoster2015Velodonnas is the first and only female cycling club in Winnipeg.

Established in 2003, Velodonnas was the brainchild of former National Team member and St. Anne, MB resident Erin Carter. As a successful competitor with a life-long love of cycling, Erin recognized that Manitoba needed a female-focused cycling club with a mission to inform, instruct and inspire female cyclists of all abilities in a supportive environment. Erin connected with local cyclists – Karin McSherry, Deanne Cote & Kimberly Anne Falk – they decided on a name and Velodonnas began offering weekly rides, monthly time trials, skill clinics and boot camps.

Ten years later another couple of bike loving women, Monika Robertson & Kim Mitchell, had a parking lot conversation and decided that what Velodonnas should do is host a bike race series just for women. But what to call it? We knew we had to ask the super clever & creative Winnipeg CycleChick. Five minutes later we decided on Dirt Skirt.

Participation in the first Dirt Skirt race exceeded our expectations by about 100%. Swell idea Kim & Moni!

It’s 2015 and Velodonnas is still on a mission to inform, instruct and inspire female cyclists of all abilities.

  • Monday Night Rides
  • Dirt Skirt Race Series
  • Skill clinics – Road, Mountain Bike & Cyclocross
  • Winter indoor training sessions (collaboration with MCA Provincial Team)

Our vision? We want to see more women with the skills and confidence to be effective leaders in our cycling community. Come ride with us!

More information: or

Velodonnas Facebook group & Dirt Skirt page

Velodonnas Strava Club


Karin McSherry

Please note: Velodonnas charges no club fee but you do need to be a member of the Manitoba Cycling Association. A one time try out for non-members is allowed. The only other requirements are – a well tuned bicycle, HELMET, love of cycling and a desire to be challenged and improve your skills & fitness (no matter what level they are at now).