Coach Clinic – “Training Basics” (Intro to Competition) : March 17 & 18,2012

 CLINIC: Training Basics (Into to Competition) March 17 and March 18, 2012

Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition:

Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition (R2R) is the context for coaches who will primarily work with new competitive cyclists at the community and club level. These athletes will likely be in the Learn to Train to Train to Train stages of LTAD, although the context could apply to any new racer of any age.  These athletes have basic but developed cycling skills and the desire to begin competing within a structured training and competition program. They should have passed through an entry-level Community Initiation program (CCI) to help them develop the basic skills.

R2R training replaces all elements of Level 1 and Level 2 Cycling in the previous “Levels NCCP”. R2R training consists of five modules:

  •  Training Basics, classroom, 14 hours over 2 days

 Coach  Candidates must be available for all of the course hours, no exceptions.

DATE: Mar 17, 2012 and Mar 18,2012
(This is a two day course)

TIME:  9am-4pm (1hr lunch)

LOCATION: Sport for Life Centre (Please sign in at front desk)

COST: $120.00

Registration can be forwarded via email or fax or be completed online by clicking the link below:


FACILITATOR:  Ruth Schappert