Train to become a cyclocross official

The cycling race organizing community is in need of more commissiares in training.

Without commissaires, race organizers/clubs cannot provide sanctioned supported races to our cycling community.

Officials are offered classroom training and annual refreshers as a group. The technical training of the position takes place over the course of several events where you are supported by a team.


  1. If you are interested or even just intrigued start by taking the Online Provincial C Introductory Commissaire training on your own.  This is a one hour long module which reviews the basics of each cycling discipline and will teach you how to prepare for races as a commissaire.
  2. Review the UCI regulations for CX.  Red wording indicates the most recent changes. Regulations | UCI
  3. Get in touch with Chief commissaire, Arlene Woodcock or the MCA office at and sign-up for the Fall group training session on September 10th (12pm to 3pm).  We will provide the training at no cost.

Road & Cyclocross Commissaire
Provincial Chief Commissaire, National Road Commissaire, Provincial Commissaire Learning Facilitator

Arlene Woodcock