The Interdisciplanary Challenge is Back for 2012

What is the Interdisciplinary Challenge ?

It is an MCA competition sponsored by Shelley Barnett  and Brett Poncelet of Century 21 Bachman and Associates that promotes cross disciplinary participation in all our Cup Races, across all three race disciplines:  Mountain Bike – Road – Cyclocross

Who is eligible to Compete in the challenge?

If you have a race license you are a contender, but you must cross over to all 3 disciplines inorder to qualify (meaning you must race a MTB Cup, Road Cup, and Cyclocross Cup inorder to be the Interdisciplanary Winner).  It doesnt matter what category you race in..its an even playing field.

What if there is a tie at the end of the year ?

If there is a tie we will go back and compare  athlete’s how you performed in your own category will count.  The top Male and Female athlete that finished the highest in their category will determine the winner. 

How do you accummulate Points ?

You will earn 1 point for each Cup Race that you complete this race season.  The top female and the top male with the most points at the end of the 2012 Race season will be crowned King and Queen of the Interdisciplinary Challenge. They will be rewarded the coveted Champion Jersey at the Annual Awards Banquet in the fall.

What will I win ? 

There will be only one female winner and one male winner.  At MCA’s annual general meeting in the Fall the winners will be announced and presented with the coveted Gold Jersey. You will be asked to wear your jersey to next year’s Cup races.

Who won in 2011 ? 

  • Willem Boersma
  • Hana Boersma

 Shelley Barnett and Brett Poncelet are real estate Agents that work for Century 21 Bachman & Associates.  They have generously sponsored this event for the second year in a row. They beleive in supporting their community and want to give back to organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage healthy competition.  Please consider Shelley and/or Brett is you are interested in buying or saling a home, need a home appraisal, or know of someone else that needs all or one of the above.  Let them know you that you are afffiliated or a member of the Manitoba Cycling Association. Thank you for your support !

Shelley and Brett can be reached at:

Shelley Barnett: Phone 204-803-6855

Brett Poncelet: Phone 204-232-6699

If you have any questions about the challenge, please call the office at 925-5686.