Thank you MacGregor Manitoba + Cyclocross Seeing list

Are you ready to ruuuummmbbbbllleeee (or was it rum-ball, anyways) !!!

The weather gods are on our side, and if you are a city slicker, getting out of the city is GREAT for the soul (plus smaller towns are the Best!)

MacGregor is a short 1hr 30mins west if you are a Pegger.  MacGregor is ready for us and we are looking forward to visiting MacGregor and sharing our love of cyclocross!


….and Thank you Marty Gaudet (creator of “La Vie en Cross”/MCA board member/racer). Marty says he has had lots of support from one of our cycling community gurus, Peter Loewen (Country Cycle).  We know that lots of work has gone into creating a new venue for ya’ll.

Updated Seeding List (Here)

Event details (Here)