St. Malo Cross – Cyclocross

Host Club: Olympia Cycling Club

Race Organizers: Lesley Gaudry Ian Hall (204.779.2061)

Date:October 16, 2010

Location:St. Malo Provincial Park

This is race #4 of the cyclocross cup series. Details about the series available here.

Kids (U13): 11:00 AM (15 min + 1 lap)
C-race (corporate, non-licensed): 11:30 AM (20 min + 1 lap)
B-race (B level, citizen, U15, & U17): 12:15 PM (30 min + 2 laps)
A-race: 1:30 PM (45 min + 2 laps)

Assembly and Seeding: Riders in the B and A races will assemble 10 minutes before the scheduled race start and will be called to the start line in seeded order. Seeding is based on placement in the first two races of the 2010 season. Riders who have not raced yet will start at the back of their group.

Registration: Registration opens at 10:00 and ends 30 minutes before your event. To race in the B or A events you must hold a UCI/CCA racing licence, MCA citizen licence, KOM licence. Registration and waiver are available online and at the race site. Please download the form and waiver, complete both and bring to the race.

All riders (including those with season’s passes) must hand in a waiver and show their license to the commissaries.

Cost: $15 for U17 and above. $5 for U15, citizens holding a MCA citizen license , and non-licensed riders. Cash only.

Categories: Kids (U13, U11, U9); B level (includes U15 and citizens); A level

Race Course: The course will be open for pre-riding at about 10:00 AM on race day, but no sooner due to concerns about soil erosion. Length will be approximately 2.5 km. The course will consist of grass fields, paths, crushed gravel path, and sand.

Grand Prix Prizes: This race qualifies participants in the A and B race to potentially win the following prizes if they also participate in Southern Cross (Altona) on Sunday, October 17th:

  • $200 gift certificate for A men and women points winner
  • $150 gift certificate for A men and women 2nd place
  • $100 gift certificate for A men and women 3rd place
  • $100 gift certificate for B men and women points winner
  • $75 gift certificate for A men and women 2nd place
  • $50 gift certificate for A men and women 3rd place

The following rules apply to the Grand Prix prizing:

  • For prizes to be awarded there must be the following number of racers competing in category in the series: 3 for 1st place, 5 racers for 2nd, and 7 racers for 3rd.
  • Points per position: 1-25, 2-22, 3-20, 4-19, 5-18, 6-17, 7-16, 8-15, 9-14, 10-13, 11-12, 12-11, 13-10, 14-9, 15-8, 16-7, 17-6, 18-5, 19-4, 20-3, 21+-2, DNF-0, DNS-0.
  • Tie breaker: In case of a tie in points after the completion of the two races the rider with the larger time differential over his or her opponent in the two races wins the series. In case where there is still a tie the winner between the two opponents of the prime at St Malo race will be declared the winner.
  • Participation Series:
 All A, B race entrants are eligible to win a set of cyclocross race wheels (choice of tubular or clincher). Details are available here.

    Race Regulations:

    • Riders are required to wear a hard-shell ANSI or SNELL approved helmet while racing, warming up, and cooling down.
    • Hand-ups (food, tools, or supplies) are not allowed anywhere on the course. A rider may NOT take on any additional water or food at any time during the race.
    • Mechanical work, bike exchange, and wheel exchange may take place, but only within the designated pit lane.
    • Riders may never cut across the course and may never backtrack along the course to get to the pit lane.
    • Road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes are allowed. Tires in the A group are restricted to a maximum width of 1.5” for 26”wheels and 35mm for all others. MTB handlebars must not have bar-ends.
    • All bikes must have functional front and rear brakes.
    • More details are available on the CXMB blog.

 Parking is available in the parking lot.

    Courtesy and Safety:
 The park is a public area and will be marked as closed, but marshals do not have authority to prevent people from entering. Keep your head up at all times.
 Be courteous to all park users. Please clean up after yourself.

Outhouses are available.