“SPQR” is a very popular anachronism that some people tattoo on their arms to mean Senātus Populusque Rōmānus. It indicates the Roman belief that all authority comes from the people. It could also be said that modern organizational structures, like non-profit corporations, follow this idea when members exercise their rights in Annual General Meetings to delegate authority to run the organization on a Board of Directors.

For the MCA, the Annual General Meeting will take on Saturday, October 20th at the Woodhaven Community Centre at 1pm sharp.
Among other matters, two key pieces of business will happen at the AGM
1. Amendment to the Constitution and By-laws (see prior post)
2. Elections of Board members

All MCA members are entitled to vote, and those members who live further than 100kms from Winnipeg may assign another MCA member as a “proxy”. Attached is the form that must be used, according to the MCA Constitution, in order to appoint a proxy.

For the elections, there are a number of positions up for re-election (in red lettering). The attached table outlines the positions, nominations received so far and terms. As well, we’re looking for someone with advanced accounting knowledge to take over the Treasurer position (with Christine Prendergast continuing with the Registrar position). You can put your name forward by contacting Jason or Twila, or putting your hand up at the meeting.