Sport Manitoba – Apply June 15 th – Women to Watch Grant Program

Sport Manitoba encourages and supports equitable participation and resources for women in sport.


Women to Watch is a grant program administered by Sport Manitoba designed to assist young girls and women to further their involvement in their chosen sport. A $500 grant will be awarded to an athlete, official, coach or volunteer who identifies as female and meets the criteria listed below. The funds for this grant are provided by Sport Manitoba.


1. Applicants must identify as female and be a member of their Provincial Sport Organization in good standing as an athlete, coach, official or a volunteer in a leadership position.

2. The application must be endorsed by the Provincial Sport Organization by signing the application or attaching a letter of endorsement.

3. Grants may be used to offset costs such as training, travel, certification, sport equipment, competitions/tournaments, camps, leadership development, professional development and childcare costs related to future development in their sport.

4. An outline for the request for funding must accompany the application clearly stating:
• What the grant will be used for, including all relevant costs and the proposed budget; • Applicants past involvement and/or achievements in the sport (include résumé if available);
• A letter from the applicant herself stating why she needs the grant and her present and future goals in her chosen sport.

5. Please indicate how this opportunity, if successful, will provide the individual an opportunity to further enhance their career in sport.

6. Grant applications are open to all ages and levels in the continuum of sport.
7. All coaches are required to have a current, completed Respect in Sport number. If you would like to complete the course or rectify, please go here.

8. Annual Application Deadlines: • June 15th • November 15th • February 15th

Applications will be reviewed by a committee and recommendations made to Sport Manitoba.

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