Sport Manitoba Announces new CEO

Sport Manitoba’s board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Janet McMahon to President and Chief Executive Officer of Sport Manitoba. 

In this role, McMahon will lead the management team and oversee Sport Manitoba’s planning, programming, and funding for the development of amateur sport in the province. 

“We are very proud to officially welcome Janet to Sport Manitoba’s executive team,” said David Patsack, Chair of Sport Manitoba’s Board of Directors. “Having worked in sport for over three decades, Janet brings credibility in her leadership, focused and strategic thinking, and a well-rounded vision for the future of amateur sport in Manitoba. She has worked side by side with our provincial and national sport partners for years as we’ve built better sport programs and better people. We are beyond confident in her abilities to lead Sport Manitoba as we continue to support and encourage every Manitoban’s journey through sport.”

McMahon has worked in sport administration for over 30 years, leading a variety of sport, funding, athlete, and coach development programs. She has been in Sport Manitoba’s interim CEO position for the last six months and was previously the Director of Sport, a position she held for five years. 

In addition to attending many provincial, national, and international Games, she also worked for the Host Societies of the 1999 Pan Am Games and the 2017 Canada Games.  

McMahon has deep roots in sport. She played basketball at the University of Winnipeg and has coached for many years. She is a member of Corydon Community Centre’s executive team and is the convenor for basketball. Her personal sport interests are those that she practiced early on and continue to challenge her today, such as cross-country skiing, cycling, and swimming.  

McMahon believes that building quality sport programs improves the sporting experience of all Manitobans and inspires us all to stay active for life.
David Patsack | Chair, Board of Directors
Sport Manitoba