Southern Cross Seeding

Seeding for Southern Cross  (Here)


 2015 Cup Points:

1st – 25 points          6th – 17 points          11th – 12 points       16th – 7 points

2nd – 22 points        7th – 16 points          12th – 11 points       17th – 6 points

3rd – 20 points          8th – 15 points          13th – 10 points       18th – 5 points

4th – 19 points          9th – 14 points          14th – 9 points          19th – 4 points 5th – 18 points          10th – 13 points       15th – 8 points          20th – 3 points

If you placed lower than 20th in your race, you will still receive 1 Cup Point as long as you start your race. All seeding for the balance of 2015 Cup races will be calculated using the sum of your 2015 Cup points.

The Provincial Championships will not be included in the cup points.

The Halloween race on November 1, 2015 hosted by Trevor Ketler will also not be included in the Cup points. Having said that, it has the potential to be the most fun you’ve ever had at a cross race, so you should be there! Killer prizes too!

NOTES: MOVE UPS In an effort to keep the races safe and competitive, the Cross Committee reserves the right to Move Up racers. Move ups are based on average lap times.

Racers moving up will receive 50% of the points they earned for their result in their previous category in 2015, plus 100% of the points they earned in their new category. No points from last season will be carried over. In the case of a tie in points, the highest placing from the most recent race will be used.

Call Up and Seeding procedure for 2015:

The top 16 (2 rows of 8) male riders in the B, and C races will be called up, followed by a row of the top 8 female riders in the third row. All other riders will be scramble. This is being done to speed up the start of the races for the organizer and the commissaires.