Some reminders for those heading to Birds Hill Park for the CSG Road Events (Road Race and ITT)

Now that the Mountain Bike events at Bison Butte are done, its time to shift gears and move over to Birds Hill Park for the Road Race and ITT.  We hope you are able to come and cheer on our athletes.  You can view the full cycling schedule here.

There is no charge to watch the cycling events at any of the cycling venues.  Tickets for these events are not necessary.  However a Provincial Park Pass is required to enter Birds Hill Park with your vehicle.

Provincial Park Fees

Park Vehicle Permits must be displayed year-round in provincial parks. Permits are available at all campground and district offices and most business locations that sell fishing and hunting licences.

Explorer Pass (annual) – $40.00 (valid until April 30, 2018)
Casual – $12.00 (valid for 3 consecutive days from the date of purchase)
Daily – $5.00 (valid until midnight on the date of purchase)

Getting to Birds Hill Park

It is highly recommended that all  volunteers and spectators enter from Highway 206, East Gate, no matter what time they arrive (West Gate closes at 9:00 am). If you are committed to using Highway 59, it is recommended you turn East on Garvin Road, then North on Hwy 206.  There will be volunteers managing the parking, and those volunteers will be able to give directions to our Venue Site.

Please note the following GATE CLOSURES:

  • August 6th – West Gate Closed until 11:00 am (Athletes in training)
  • August 8th, 9th & 10th – West Gate and Circle Dive (North and South Drive) will be closed until 2:00 pm.

The East Beach, Birds Hill Ranch and spectator parking will be accessible from the East Gate only. Campers will be able to exit the park via the East Gate however, no other vehicular traffic will gain  entry.  More details HERE




There is a “Delays and access bulletin” released from Birds Hill Park HERE