Seeded Starts for U9 – U17 in Manitoba (MTB) Cups

For the past number of seasons, due to the large volume of riders in the U17 and younger race categories, we have called riders up to the start line based upon their individual overall results in the Manitoba Cup Series of the previous season.

In the interest of safety and fair play, we will continue to practice this for mass start format events and whenever the number of pre-registered riders warrants an assigned or “seeded” start order.

Please note that only pre-registered riders can be seeded at the start line. Riders registering on race day will not be seeded regardless of their final standing in last years MB Cup Series. Exceptions may be made, at the Commissaires’ discretion, by request at the registration desk (i.e. not at the start line). Thank you.

2013 Manitoba MTB Cup Standings

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