Road/Cross Commissaire Training – Thank you

Commissaires play a critical role in our sport, ensuring that cycling races are held in the best possible conditions and that races are run fairly by ensuring that the rules are uniformly applied.

Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the Road/Cross technical commissaire training over the past two Saturdays (Mat 15 & 22).

  • Brendan Cade
  • Christopher Neufeld
  • Deanna Wiebe
  • Dori Boersma
  • Lucy Blenkinsopp
  • Scott Wiebe
  • Willem Boersma

Practical training will take place at Road/Cyclo-cross events over the 2014 Road/Cross race season.

Thank you to Chief Road/National Commissaire/learning facilitator – Arlene Woodcock for leading these sessions and for her ongoing mentorship of officials on the field.