Road Nationals Results – Ottawa (June 25 – 29)

Road Nationals Oliver Evans 2016

There has been some  tough competition (and lots of crashes)  at the road nationals so far.

Top results to date:

  • Leah Kirchmann 3rd – Road Race
  • Oliver Evans 6th – ITT.


1)Men’s Junior Road Race. Kurt Penno 9, Ness Dalling 19, Oliver Evans 23, Mathew Boyle 31, Scott English 48, Mathew Blenkinsopp 50. (32 DNFs in this race).  

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2)Men’s U23 Road Race.  Danick Vandale 8, Chris Prendergast 14, Mitch Ketler DNF  

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3)Women’s Elite Road Race. Leah Kirchmann 3rd

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1)Men’s U23:Chris Prendergast 15, Mitch Ketler 35, Danick Vandale DNS

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2)Men’s Junior: Oliver Evans 6, Kurt Penno 31, Scott English 41, Matthew Blenkinsopp 50, Ness Dalling 60, Mathew Boyle 64,

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 Next up:  Criterium  – Wednesday June 29th