RESULTS: La Vie en Cross – October 24, 2021

The 1st annual La Vie en Cross is officially in the books. What a day! Want to start with a huge shout out
to everyone that made this cross race happen. Peter and Logan @countrycycle, thanks for spending the
2+ days in building this course from scratch. The time to make sure every peg was at the right spot, lines
were perfect for the descent, remembering we need a pit, the crackling climb feature with the double
up option. Without all of you, I would have had 2 hills and a big arrow at the bottom….

The Valley View Bible camp, wow! Thank you for allowing us to bring cyclocross to your beautiful facility
and family. From allowing us to paint the course on your grounds, to opening your facility, canteen, the
fire pit at the top of the tubing hill, you all went above and beyond and I want to thank you all once

When you’re trying to showcase the possibilities of a new cross venue and the beauty of the Assiniboine
valley, why not promote a few more awesome Manitoban businesses. We hope everyone enjoyed the
Cranked Energy bars from Winnipeg as well as the crickets (powder or roasted) from Prairie Crickets of
Miami. I’m thinking I may have needed an extra Cranked bar to climb that crackling hill. The two top
athletes also received a gift bag from Eryn Wicks of Northern Winds Massage out of Miami, Morden and
St. Leon. Please check these products and businesses out!

Our Commissaires Arlene and Candace for again keeping things organized. There is so much behind the
scenes to putting an event together and can’t thank you enough. Manon, yes, you’re also the event
organizer but a commissaire in training, the designer of the Abe’s meat grinder spinoff, the spider web,
and the one that tells me when it doesn’t make any sense. Steve, Manitoba Cycling is so fortunate to
have you as our announcer and the Hills were Alive with the sound of ‘Steve’? I think that’s how it goes.
Don, Brad, Guylaine, Lise, Hubs, Guy, and everyone else that provided tips, worked the registration,
cleaned up afterwards, etc. To Ski Patrol, always a great day when you can sit back and watch the show
without having to carry anyone off the course!

Finally, all the racers, thanks for coming and riding this new venue. Hopefully you all had just the right
amount of pain during the race.

See you all in 2 weeks at the 5th Cross race in Manitoba!!