Sport Development support for Regions

Did you know that Sport Manitoba offers a wide range of developmental grants that facilitate the growth of athletes, coaches and officials at the community level. There are 4 main regions in Manitoba: “West”, “East”, “North”, and “South”. If you are interested in development talk to your regional representative to see how they can help.

Assistance provided by Sport Manitoba focuses on participants who are being introduced to sport and those who are looking to take their development to the next step.

The 2015-2016 Regional – Sport Development Grants & Program Manual (PDF link)  includes contact information, applications, eligibility criteria, and funding procedures.

Athlete & Coach/Official Application Form Regional Sport Development Application Form

Please send your Sport Development Grant Applications to your Sport Manitoba Regional Office.


Other Grant/Resource Links

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NOTE – a number of Canadian – Manitoban Foundations offer financial assistance to sport and/or recreation organizations. For a listing…click here