Public Open House Invitation – Transportation Master Plan

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR) is pleased to announce the initiation of Manitoba’s Capital Region: Transportation Master Plan. This process will result in a “road map” to guide future transportation decision-making in the Capital Region. Manitobans are encouraged to come out and discuss transportation issues, express their needs and ideas and ultimately participate in shaping the future of the regional transportation network.

These grand plans are very important to the MCA, the clubs, and the membership.   Because we ride, train and race in rural locations, the development and rules about highways in the province impact the enjoyment and safety of our sport.   As well, with recent changes to the Highway Traffic Act which gave more authority to the municipalities regarding how cyclists use roads and highways, cyclists need to make their presence known whenever governments and the media are listening.  If you or someone in your club has the opportunity, please attend one or more of these sessions.

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