Provincial Cross/Road Commissaire

Please join the MCA in congratulating chief commissaire, Arlene Woodcock who has completed her Provincial Road Commissaries training in Vancouver, BC earlier this month.

Officials are the backbone of a bicycle race, and often the first representative that a rider meets. The basic categories for road officials start with level C. From there, an official can upgrade to level B, level A, National Commissaire, and International Commissarie.

Why is a Provincial trainer important for our Road & Cross Community ?

-there is now a local trainer that can license commissaries in the Province (there will no longer be a need to fly in a trainer in from out of province).

-Developing commissaires will have ongoing, practical support from one trainer.

-As more Commissaires are developed locally there will be a greater capacity to support more road races in Manitoba.

If you’re interested in becoming an official, you’ll need to attend a Level C course, and purchase an official’s license. For more information on this process, please call the MCA office at 204-925-5686.