Provincial Mountain Bike Chamionships (MTB)

Mountain Bike Provincials – Brandon Hills – Sunday, August 28th

2011 MTB Provincials

Sunday, August 28th

Happy-Fun Racing of Brandon MB present the Mountain Bike Provincials at Brandon Hills, located 10km South of Brandon

The Trails are in excellent condition as a large crew has recently dedicated multiple nights to grooming and preparing a fast, flowy race course that promises to be challenging and fun.


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Entry Fee: $25.00 Adults/$10.00 U15

Race Start Times:
* Kids race starts at 11:00 am
* Adults at 12:00pm

* Senior Elite (19-29)
* Senior Sport (19-29)
* Senior Expert (19-29)
* Master A 30+ Sport (30-39)
* Master A 30+ Expert (30-39)
* Master B 40+ Sport (40-49)
* Master B 40+ Expert (40-49)
* Master C 50+
* Junior Expert (17-18)
* Junior Sport (17-18)
* U17
* U15
* U13
* U11
* U9

* The provincial championships adhere to the CCA divisions and categories. Racers must compete in the category listed on their 2011 license. Note: racers who competed in the Comp category will be competing in the Sport category for Provincials.

Race Start Times

    • Event #1: U9, U11, U13 – 11:00 p.m.
      Event #2: Senior Elite, Senior Expert, Junior Expert, Master A Expert, and Master B Expert – 12:00 p.m.
      Event #3: Senior Sport, Junior Sport, Master A Sport, Master B Sport, Master C – follows the 2nd event, (12:01 p.m.).
      Event #4: U15, U17, Citizen – follows the 3rd event, (12:02 p.m.).
  • Length of Race by Category

    • Senior Elite Male 105-120 minutes
      Elite Female, Senior Expert Male, Junior Expert Male , Master A Expert Male, and Master B Expert Male: 90 – 105 minutes
      Master Expert A Female, Master B Expert Female, Senior Sport Male, Junior Sport Male, Master A Sport Male, Master B Sport Male, Master C Male 60 – 75 minutes
      Senior Sport Female, Junior Sport Female, Master A Sport Female, Master B Sport Female , Master C Female, U15, U17, Citizen: 45 – 60 minutes
      U13 male and female: 40 minutes
        U11 male and female: 25 minutes
      U9 male and female: 15 minutes
  • Other Information:

    • Race commissaires will determine the number of laps needed the day of the race.
      Race Prizes and Provincial Medals to be awarded after each race.
      You must be a resident of Manitoba to qualify for a Provincial Medal.
      You must be present to receive a prize.