Provincial Championship Survey Results


The results are in! The survey respondents were primarily racers with full UCI race licences. The majority felt that in all 3 disciplines (mtb, road and cx) they were happy to keep the format (age or ability) that we are currently following or had no opinion either way.  Less than 25% wanted to change from age to ability or in the case of MTB from ability to age. This does not include the MTB KOM age categories. The survey seems to confirm that our Provincial Championship race categories are meeting the needs of the majority of our racers in Manitoba. This does not mean that the comments and suggestions will not be taken into account. Each discipline committee will review the comments and suggestions and consider if some adjustments are possible and necessary based on the size of our race community and the safety of our events.

Thank you for your participation!




Vanessa Peters

MCA Vice President

Technical Committee Chair