The Multi-Sport Advantage: “Play More, Be More”

Play More Be More


The Play More Be More emphasizes the benefits young kids can experience when they play multiple sports. They can broaden their range of skill, have fun, avoid burnout, and take away a positive experience in sport.  When young kids play multiple sports it can benefit their overall athleticism, help them avoid injuries, and actually help them excel in their chosen sport. Multi-sport  makes sport and physical activity fun.   For young cyclists, think speedskating, cross country skiing, and hockey, or vice-versa, use cycling as a cross-training sport to build stronger skills in your child’s choosen sport.  The same goes for various cycling disciplines:  If you love road cycling, build stronger bike handling skills with Mountain biking or cyclocross.  If you love mountain biking, build endurance thru road cycling. Variety is the spice of  your sport life! 

  • Learning new movement and sport skills is key to well-rounded athlete development. If your kids are interested in one sport, try introducing them to a new one, or two, so they can improve their overall athletic ability.   
  • Before your kids hit their teens, they can learn a range of physical, mental, and emotional skills by participating in a variety of sports. 
  • Young kids shouldn’t specialize in any one particular sport.  
  • Kids who concentrate on one sport at an early age risk burning out or getting injured.  
  • When kids play multiple sports, they develop better physical literacy skills for sport and life! 

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