Pedaling Partners: J.P. & Vanessa Peters’ Decade of Dedication to the Cycling Community!

John Paul (J.P.) Peters and Vanessa Peters

In the heart of every successful organization lies the dedication and passion of its volunteers. Among these exceptional individuals, there shines a couple whose tireless efforts have left a mark on the cycling community in Manitoba. This month we celebrate the dynamic duo of John Paul (J.P.) and Vanessa Peters and their invaluable contributions to the MCA and the community.

J.P. served as the MCA Mountain Bike Director from fall of 2019 to fall of 2023. However, his dedication extended far beyond his official role. He has hosted many Grand Beach Race Events as the race organizer with Dark Red Racing, and continues to remain actively engaged in the community, volunteering for numerous events. Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, J.P.’s resilience shone brightly as he spearheaded the Lord of the Bikes event in October 2020, providing a beacon of hope and unity for the cycling community.

For over a decade, Vanessa Peters has demonstrated her spirit of service and leadership. She joined the MCA board of directors as Secretary in the fall of 2014 and progressed into the position or Vice President in 2016. Through this role, she founded the Technical Committee, laying the groundwork for enhanced safety and efficiency in cycling events. Vanessa’s dedication extended beyond the boardroom as she generously volunteered her time as a Kids of Mud coach with Wolseley Wheels from 2013 to 2020. Furthermore, she was involved as a Race Organizer in 2019 hosting the MTB Grand Beach Race Event, highlighting her commitment to fostering community engagement.

J.P. and Vanessa’s dedication to the cycling community did not stop there as they have volunteered for numerous events, infusing each endeavor with their energy and enthusiasm. Whether supporting the Provincial Program as parent volunteers or actively participating in MCA events year after year, they have left their mark throughout every corner of our cycling community.

J.P. and Vanessa Peters, your dedication, passion, and selflessness have left an impression on the Manitoba cycling community. Your efforts have enriched the lives of countless individuals, inspiring us all to pedal harder and aim higher. As we express our deepest appreciation, we are grateful for your commitment and invaluable contributions to the growth of cycling in Manitoba.