Online License Registration Update

Inorder to support the  implementation of the Plastic Card licenses this year, and be postioned for future membership growth, we are pleased to announce a New Online Registration Partnership with the Cycling Component Network .

CCN is made up of a group of cyclists who understand Cycling registration challenges.  They are the registration service provider for many cycling associations across the country and have been providing online event registration for many high profile events such as the Gran Fondo Whistler.

Over the past several weeks the MCA has been working with the CCN programmers to create a user friendly registration process which will allow our members to download their photos at time of registration.

Our programming is near complete and we are moving towards the testing phase later this week.

We anticipate to go live with Online registration on  February 1rst.

A document of frequency asked questions about registration and licenses, as well as step by step instruction on how to download your photo and purchase your License online with CCN will be posted on the MCA website prior to our launch date.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Please stand-by for further details.